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Implementing computer vision and artificial intelligence solutions into enterprise’s technological processes

Computer Vision is one of the key fields of artificial intelligence (AI).

Artificial vision aims to optimize manufacturing automation and reduce human errors. Modern computer vision technologies use machine learning and deep learning methods to train machines on how to fast and accurately solve industrial and manufacturing optimization and safety problems.

VIRSIGN develops projects adopting computer vision and artificial intelligence solutions for Predictive Maintenance, Product and Components Assembly, defect reduction, and improving worker safety. Experience with industrial equipment enables us to integrate our solutions into the production chain, so they can manage and interrupt processes.

To ensure the operation of computer vision systems in any conditions, VIRSIGN uses data from cameras, infrared cameras. Video input image processing is carried out using deep learning and machine learning algorithms. Data from computer vision systems are then implemented to build predictive models.

Robotic vision sensor camera system in intellegence factory

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© VIRSIGN 2022. All rights reserved