Enterprise digital twins

Combining realistic visuals and a wide range of industrial data to optimize and analyse the production process

Enterprises, both at the planning and operation stage, are faced with the problem of optimizing and analyzing the production cycle. Combining artificial intelligence, computer learning and data from production, digital twins make it possible to solve these problems. Duplication of both individual parts and the entire production chain allows digital twins to simulate emergency processes, optimize existing ones and predict accidents.

VIRSIGN’s approach is to combine realistic visuals and a wide range of industrial data in one virtual environment. The company's solutions include predictive analytics, real-time visualization, systems for modeling various enterprise scenarios and various incidents.

To create digital copies, data from computer vision systems, GPS sensors and lidars, indicators from microcontrollers and sensors in the enterprise are adopted. The construction of predictive models is based on deep and machine learning algorithms.

Aerial view oil terminal storage tank, White oil tank storage chemical petroleum petrochemical refinery product at oil terminal, Business commercial trade fuel energy transport by tanker ship vessel.

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© VIRSIGN 2022. All rights reserved