Remote Control of Industrial Machinery

Integrating VR, safety systems and computer vision to remotely control different kinds of industrial technics and switch between them instantly

The mining enterprises, waste recycling plants, ports and container terminals, and other industries with many types of machinery face such problems as staff downtime. About 30% of the time, the operator of the industrial machinery is waiting for the task to work. Another problem is optimizing the movement of staff across the territory and creating safe and not harmful working conditions for the younger generation. Also, the problem is the difficulty of monitoring employees during the working process and analyzing their safety.

VIRSIGN is developing VR remote control of industrial equipment. The system provides benefits such as removing staff from the danger zone reducing health requirements and compensation for harmful conditions. It gives the ability to switch between cranes from one workplace completely solves the problem of staff downtime and provides a faster trainee's introduction to full-fledged work.

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© VIRSIGN 2022. All rights reserved