Ports. Port cranes and loaders
The speed and continuity of crane and loader operations is one of the decisive factors in the efficiency of the entire port's work.

With Virsign crane digitization technologies, it is possible to significantly increase the efficiency and safety of loading and unloading operations
Our solutions for industry:
Remote control for overhead cranes
Virsign Remote Control System for Overhead Cranes (RCS). Can be used on any type of overhead crane. Main features:
  • Remote control of the crane from a designated location
  • Switching between cranes
  • Collision protection
  • Data collection and video recording of crane operation
  • Semi-automatic crane operation
VR trainers for cranes and loaders
The best crane operator training simulator on the Russian market. Increases the quality and speed of operator training by more than 3 times.
Has three modes of operation:
  • Grapple for bulk cargo handling
  • Magnetic traverse for handling slabs
  • Traverse for handling buckets and pipes
Simulates emergency situations and collects statistics for each student
Monitoring the technical condition of overhead cranes. Virsign Sauron
Software for collecting and analyzing data from PLC and crane sensors. Allows to quickly determine equipment failure, perform stop analysis and monitor operator actions.
  • Maintenance scheduling and notification of part replacements
  • Event logging
  • Easy PLC and sensor data analysis
  • Predictive analysis of equipment failures
  • Crane operator control
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