Crane Remote Control
Virsign RCS
An ultra-comfortable and high-tech complex designed to take remote crane control to the next level
Crane Remote Control Virsign RCS
An ultra-comfortable and high-tech complex designed to take remote crane control to the next level
Remote Control System

Our remote control complex brings the operator to a remote control center and opens up completely new possibilities for working with any type of crane. Virsign RCS combines all existing Virsign developments in the field of crane safety, simulators and automation.

The complex consists of an ultra comfortable operator's workplace, cameras and a control cabinet for installation on a crane. Virsign RCS works in Wi-Fi, Private 5G and wired connections

  • Efficiency
    Downtime reduction due to the switching-between-cranes option

    Operators’ work speed-up with built-in AI hints

    Automated crane mode

  • Human centricity
    Safe and sound working place for crane operators

    Reduced sickness rates among operators

    Involvement of young professionals

  • Safety
    Reducing the risk of injuries at a danger zone with human tracking and safety alerts

    Crane condition monitoring

    Crane anti-collision system
Authorization of the crane operator using a fingerprint
In order to prevent unauthorized access to control, as well as for the unerring determination of the crane operator in the workplace, Virsign SDU is integrated with fingerprint scanning technology. This function is also used to collect statistics for each operator separately.

Switching between cranes
We have developed a key-card system that serves as an analog of key fobs. This system allows you to safely switch between cranes in less than 5 seconds and control any number of cranes from one workstation.

Built-in simulator for learning new control methods
Remote control differs from the classic one, and in order to ensure a fast and smooth adaptation of crane operators, the workstation is equipped with a built-in simulator. A separate trainer is developed for each crane and process to ensure maximum effective training.

Crane control in mixed reality
The unique technology for crane control using mixed reality glasses, unparalleled in the world. With the help of a special 4k Virsight camera developed in-house, the operator gets a full 360-degree view and other unique mixed reality capabilities, such as gesture control.

Computer vision human detection
In order to increase safety, our remote control complex is integrated with a function for detecting people in the crane's working zone using cameras. A corresponding warning appears on the screen, a sound signal is emitted, and the crane stops automatically (if necessary).

Crane collision protection
Using sensors or computer vision, a collision warning and prevention function is added. In addition, the system allows you to set a limit to the crane's working area, which is later used for semi-automatic operation mode.

Crane monitoring
The built-in application combines the functionality of the Sauron application: data collection from the crane, display of movement in real-time, statistics collection on crane operators and data on people tracking, video recordings.

AI assistant and semi-automatic crane control
Built-in artificial intelligence algorithms in combination with sensors form a hint system for the operator, allowing for more efficient control. The system is also used to create a semi-automatic and automatic mode of operation.